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CVACWRT Projects

At the October 4, 2005 meeting of the CVACWRT it was generally agreed by the membership present that the adoption of the following two projects was a worthwhile endeavor in our attempt to promote and preserve our Civil War history in general and that of the Chattahoochee Valley in particular. The results of these projects will be posted to the CVACWRT website for the benefit of all those interested.

I. Civil War Soldiers in Columbus Georgia


A. The Historic Linwood Foundation has a list of over 1,000 "soldiers" that includes non-soldiers (including women)

B. The Autry family has a list of 500 soldiers posted to the Internet that has serious omissions (including Isadore Guillett, adjutant of Col. Von Zinken who died during the last battle 4/16/1865)

C. No list of Union soldiers who died during or after the Civil War exists.


Identify all Civil War soldiers buried in Columbus.

  1. Start with Linwood Cemetery
  1. Expand to other cemeteries, public (Riverdale) and private
  2. Expand to entire the Chattahoochee Valley in the future


II. Who's Who in Chattahoochee Valley During the Civil War


Many non-soldiers played important and interesting roles in the Columbus area during the Civil War.


Present biographies of local individuals of note from the Civil War era, both military and otherwise on our web page.

    1. Research primary and secondary sources for information
    2. Obtain copies of photos, sketches, paintings, signatures etc. for illustration
    3. Develop biographies from these sources and present to the CVCWRT
    4. Create web pages and post to


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